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Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile with installation and training

RM 5500
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TTS351L - Stainless Steel Tripod Turnstile

MAG TTS351L Turnstile is an electro mechanical waist
height tripod turnstile. It’s unique mechanical drive
design allow the arm to be pushed effortlessly and
auto-rotate back without any expensive electric
MAG TTS351L can effectively control high volume
human traffic (up to 25 people per minute) while
still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. They
can easily be integrated with any electronic system
for ticketing, ESD, RFID access control or time

Mechanical drive unit eliminate the use of expensive electric motor and reduce maintenance cost.

Lock mechanism is based on heavy duty solenoid to ensure longer life time and lesser maintenance.

Turnstile can be configured to be bi-directional or uni directional. Built in acrylic plate for easy integration with other devices.

If arm rotate more than half, It will auto-rotate to the next idle position If arm rotated less than half, it will auto-rotate back to the current idle position.

Built in adjustable tension spring to control auto-rotate force of arm and minimize auto-rotation.

DC operation, built in circuit breaker to protect against mild electric surge.

Anti-tailgating Smart lock mechanism uses proximity switch to detect rotation and effectively re-lock back after 1 person pass through. Also support time delay 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec and 60 sec.

During power failure, arm will drop automatically allowing free pass through. Internal parts inside the housing are locked via a key to avoid tampering.

Built in LED display on top cover to indicate approved access direction.

Once unlock, arm just need to be pushed lightly to rotate therefore even elderly or children are able to use the turnstile.

Additional LED display at both leg to indicate if turnstile is available for usage (green arrow) or closed for maintenance (red cross).

Recommended usage capacity is 7,000 rotation per day. Continuously exceeding this limitation may cause a few movable components to experience faster wear and tear than normal rate. Serviceable internal parts are as follows:
a) Solenoid lock
b) Roller bearing and spring
c) Shock absorber

turnstile design
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