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Fever Screening Solutions with Thermal Camera, Face recognition terminal & Turnstile

How our Fever Screening Solution Protect against infection !

1. Detection of infected person by measuring body temperature fully contact less.

2. Prevention of virus spread by restricting person with fever symptom.

3. Disinfection of allowed person completely with sanitizer guided by WHO

how fever screening solutions works
Fever Screening Solution's Products
hikvision handheld fever screening imager

Fever Screening Imager

Handheld Thermal Imager can be use to identify body temperature. 2 type available, one is standalone another can be connectable to Server

fever screening camera bullet

Fever Screening Camera

Face recognition thermal camera can read body temperature and can recognize the person with name and ID (Deepinmind NVR required)

deepinmind nvr

DeepinMind NVR

Deepinmind NVR capable to perform Artificial Intelligence, using for record videos and do face recognition with temperature information, records can keep based on our requirements

face recognition thermal access control

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

The Face recognition access terminal with temperature detect can recognize person face and detect body temperature focus to their forehead. Two light colors indication shows the person with normal temperature and abnormal temperature.

turnstile CCTV, Door Access, Barrier Gate Installer


The automated turnstile gate will be open without any contact. The device detect person with satisfying criteria such normal temperature and mask warn is allowed. The innovative design of anti-tail gate system ensure only scanned person with satisfying requirement is allowed at one time.

visitor management system

Visitor Management System

Visitor for this premise is need to be registered via Web Cloud Visitor Management System. This can be made by web portal from desktop or mobile application. Photo of Identification card or passport is required for registration. Registered visitor will be filtered by safety and security department.

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